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Ashfaq Ahmed ( (no email) )
Thu, 17 Sep 1998 14:41:34 +0500

I want to use REPLICATION option of MSQL, so that I can be able to setup my=
backup authentication/accounting System. I 've set the replication of=
Emerald Database between two servers running seperate Emerald software.

The Problem which I am facing is

* Different tables are not replicating data properly (like when I create=
new MBR in my Primary Authentication Server, SQL gives me an error 'Error:=
Cannot Write without INSERT_IDENTITY=3DON'
* If a new user logs into the system via Primary Authentication Server, the=
Backup Authentication Server cannot write the same information and gives=
an error "Sharing of Primary Voilation Key in tables CALLS

If I edit any MBR it does not give me any error.

Tell me what should I have to do, so that I can setup database of Backup=
Authentication Server 100% working.


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