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Barry Kiesz wrote:
> Does any have an external script that would create mail boxes on a Sun box
> running SUN OS 5.5.1 and Sendmail 8.8.8 (I think)? I would like to stay with
> NT ,but our company just merged with an ISP running all UNIX. Guess you
> have to give and take a little!! :( I would also like a trigger script that
> would modify the Password on the UNIX mail server upon a PW change in
> Emerald. Any ideas on this one? If I talk to my boss real nice, he might
> even pay for this. Not sure though.

See the ideas in the emer_ux perl script in the /emerald/external
directory. Its not a great solution, but is something to work off of.
We have used it to manage mail and users accounts on unix systems
in the past.

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