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Subject: FTP Serv-U - Default Service Type & others
Date: Tue, 15 Sep 1998 05:11:41 +0200
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Hi everyone, this is my first post so forgive if I'm asking something which
has been posted before.
I am implementing Emerald next month and am fine-tuning certain aspects of
it. The version I am currently testing is 2.2.38
Here go the questions:
1) Wich would be the database that stores the space limit for FTP dirs? Can
this be configured on a per user or per service basis?
2) I have set up one of my services with the default service option, but it
will still not show up as default when I add a new service to an account
3) I have finally succeeded in telling emerald my reports are in
\\server\share , but it will still look for invoice.rpt and invoicecc.rpt in
the local emerald directory. Are these reports treated different? Can this
be avoided?
4) Minor bug. The credit card type IS correctly store on the DB, but it wont
display when I select editing an MBR
5) What exactly do the NEW and CURRENT buttons stand for in services and
6) How do the extend and limit options work? I believe one stands in a
permanent basis and the other is a one time only option (cleared after
payment). Is this right? If so, why is the default limit set to 720 days?
7) Is there any way I can have two or more different pay periods in ONE MBR?
8) What does the OTHER field mean next to Balance in the MBR Billing tab?
9) It would be a good idea to add a small db with sales persons, as to
automate data entry. Just a small and easy suggestion
10) Can I get a backup of the call history before consolidation? I have some
ASPs that allow users to calculate their time online. Disk space is not an
issue, but I need to have the DB online.

Ok, that is all for today. I will place more queries in a couple of days
after studying the software a little more.

PD: The product is a great idea and very well designed. Congratulations! :)

Kevin McCormick
Imagenes Digitales SA
Buenos Aires