Re: Radius/ Emeral Admin

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 11 Sep 1998 20:52:00 -0700

Humberto Guzman wrote:
> Hello,
> I changed a value in my PPP service in the Emerald Administrator (one of
> the radius attributes) and now none of my users can log in because all the
> attributes were deleted. When I try to add an attribute I get "SQL Server
> Error: 213 Insert Error:column name or number of supplied values does not
> match table defenition. State=4 , Severity=14.

Unfortunately, upgrading your database to work with RadisuNT 2.5 causes
this problem. If you download the Emerald 2.2 distribution from
/emerald/beta/emerald22 on our FTP site, the admin included with it will
work correctly.

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