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Subject: New radusers.pl script
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Hi all,
I've created a perl script that does something similar to the =
program. The main difference is that this script will actually create =
file that will be ready to go as soon as the server crashes. What I =
is that with the file that radusers.exe creates, if you have any =
filters or any strange rad attributes, you would have to manually go =
and add the quotes around them....pain in the but if you have 2000+
customers in Emerald. This program fixes that and is customizable (if =
know perl) It also fixes the ISDN problem in which ISDN is actually a =
and if it isn't listed as a number the file won't load all the way.

So I've uploaded it, it's called "radusers.pl" and Dale will probably =
put it
the contrib directory, so look for it soon.

You'll need to have perl and the ODBC.pm module.

Will ,,,=3D^. .^=3D,,,
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