Emerald 2.5

Ronnie D. Franklin ( ronnie@itexas.net )
Thu, 3 Sep 1998 18:17:25 -0500

While a credit card refund does not happen too often when it does it is a
real pain....

It would be nice if you would add an additional "type" for credit cards..
so that we could just click "refund" instead of Credit card..

Also... I see that you have unofficially announced the "open beta" release
for next week...

What about those of us who participated thus far... Have you gotten the
tally done on ANTS so you can award the 500 license that was promised

Quote from your "Last Round of Emerald 2.5 beta testing" message dated


For this round of closed beta testing, IEA Software will be rewarding
the tester with the most reported bugs by giving them a complementary
additional 500 MBR license. For a report to be counted, it must be
the first for that particular problem. Duplicate reports by other
testers will not be counted towards the overall total.

The rewards time frame will be until the end of August, 98. At that
time, the totals will be counted and the licenses will be given."