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Dale Reed ( )
Thu, 25 Jun 1998 15:09:52 -0700

I'll add you when I get to a lan line. For the record (I didn't want
to post this to the general lists) I will be on the road though next
weekend (July 4th). I'll still have Email and try and keep up though.
(I'm 33K feet in the air right now).

Aaron T. Copeland wrote:
> I had to re send this to you. I tried to send it to the beta mailing list but it was rejected. I thought you had set us up as a member. This is the only reason I am sending this to you personally. Let me know when I can send through the list or how to subscribe. Thanks, Aaron
> Dale,
> These are the problems I am having with 2.5 but don't get me wrong I LOVE THE PROGRAM!!!!!!!!! I'm just relaying what it is doing to me. I Love the lay out and the search features. They are great!!! And, the balance forward and report options....
> 1. When adding a new customer:
> Master billing goes in fine but when I add the service and go to save it, I get a (52:Bad file name or number). I click OK and it seems to save the info. If I change anything in the record I also get the same error.

The Emerald client doesn't have access to the home dir you are
specifying. Either blank it, or correct the path/permissions.
I'll see about trapping the error better and being more
descriptive about it.

> 2. When I try and save an incident I get either a (Run time error 48:File not found:emerald) and it shuts down the whole emerald program or I get a (save fail ) error.

Ther have been a lot of changes to the Incidents (like actions
and types) and its possible that the database isn't up to
par to what the program is expecting. I'll check and make
sure updttabs.sql has the correct additions. Also, make sure
you have selected a type before saving the incident.

> 3. On Printing:
> When ever I try and print anything I get this error (StartPrintJob in PrintCustom caused an error: Cannot find SQL server)

Most likele you have an ODBC configuration problem. Check to see
that your Emerald ODBC DSN points to your SQL server and correct

> 4. With an expired account:
> When I go to extend the time or the date it saves fine but radius does not seem to be effected. The user still cannot login. and the account still shows expired in emerald.

Do you mean the temp/perm extends? How does the account show expired
in Emerald? Do the changes actually save and are visible the next
time you go into the account?

> 5. In the Online Section:
> I had a user that could not login. So I did a radlogin and it said he was found Online. So I brought up the Online section in emerald and found him listed. I cleared him off-line but the radlogin, again, said he was still Online.

And on-line didn't show him loged any anywhere? Execute this
query and see what the results are:

Select * from Severports
Where username = 'xxxxx'
and acctstatustype = 1

> 6. My workstations keep getting a runtime error 7: out of memory also. This workstation is running win95 OSR2.1 with 3.2 gig drive and 64 meg ram. It is a Pentium 133.

Are all of them doing that or just a select few?

> Well, that's it. Everything else is great and I'm sure a lot of this is on my end. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks Dale.... Oh, and by the way, Radius 2.5 is screaming!!!!! I Love it.. Later :)

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