ANTS: Emerald and Admin
Sat, 22 Aug 1998 09:49:46 -0700

ReportID: 67

Subject: Emerald and Admin
Date: 1998-08-19 16:06:00

Description: Both the Emerald and Admin b6-1 do not function.

Emerald reports "Error Loading Operator Access Information" on Startup.

When in Emerald, clicking Accounts generates "Run-time error 50003."

When in Emerald Admin clicking any tab generates "Run-time error 50003"


Revision: 126
Subject: Control Problem

Description: A couple of new controls were causing problems with the 2.5.124 and
higher releases. Therefore, a complete install is required for
2.5.126 (ems25b7). Download and re-install the file and
it will correct these problems.