Re: 2.5.115 & other questons

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 03 Aug 1998 14:37:30 -0700

John Lange wrote:
> Are You suggesting that we implement 2.5.115 in a "PRODUCTION" Environment?

No. Just saying that those who have tested it and feel comfortable that
in the testing it does what they want, can. You should have done full
testing first. We don't want to run into "well, I though it would do
this" when you could haven't tested it and found out.

> I would be happy to, if I could be assured (insured) that it "WILL PRINT
> Invoices CORRECTLY" by August 25th. Do You suggest CR5 or 6 (remembering
> that I only have 4.5 or 6-Pro)?

You have a test; test it. CR 6 Pro is the current enginer we ship with.
because of many noted problems is backwards compatability, I DO NOT
recommend using pre 6.0 reports with the 6.0 engine.

> Can I run BOTH (2.5 & 2.2) clients on the same machine against 2 different
> databases?

Yes. Thats what the ">> Options" button is for. It lets you select the
database ot run against.

> Can I run 2.5 against the 2.5 db or the 2.2.38 client against the 2.5 db?

Yes. However, you must understand that the billing of 2.5 is
different that 2.2. If you start using 2.5 for billing then go back to
2.2 for billing, things will NOT be right.

> Can I create a NEW db that is smaller that the original and still transfer
> the data?

As long as the DB size if sufficiently large enought to hold the data.
> Old 350 MB & 800MB Log
> New 300 should be good & 450 for Log??? Now that I know how to trim the db
> 450 should be enough?

Look at the used number in EM. It will tell you the current size
of the DB.

> Is this advised over trying to update the old db?

You definately should do a tranfer as per the beta docs and test it
quite thoroughly before touching a prouction database.

> If I get a new machine for SQL w/ 256MB ram, is there a better way to
> allocate ram then just give SQL 200MB or should some be allocated differently?

With 256mb of ram, I would give about 144mb of ram to SQL Server and
about 48 megs to TempDB in Ram. That leaves 64mb for everything else.

> Please explain the difference in the Admin for the 2 types of ICVerify.
> We have an older DOS version, which is right for us. Will the Batchin.dat
> work?

One include AVS and one doesn't AVS is Adress Verification Services
which include all the numbers of the address. If your clearing
house requires AVS, then choose the AVS output. You usually can
get a better percentage if youprovide AVS.

> Can you add the "Customers Full Name" to the "Comments" section if the
> batch line?

I don't see a comments field in the batch format?

> I DON'T want to "balance forward", but I DO want ALL accounts to expire on
> the 15th, will 2.5 calculate the pro-rated fee? We Charge "Setup, Balace
> of First Month, AND the Next Month on Startup". PLEASE MAKE IT DO THIS,

No, but it will prorate based on the 1st of the month. It will either
monthly or anniversary, and will prorate for monthly.1

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