2.5.115 & other questons

John Lange ( microjl@palacenet.net )
Mon, 03 Aug 1998 16:00:13 -0500

HI Dale

So far so good. Once I figured out the ANTS dont like apostropies. I got
the first days bugs listed. I will try & take another look tonight after

My Test implementation is
Emerald25 db co-existing on 2.2's SQL 6.5 server
Client - NT Wk 4 sp3
Other Software by Seagate: CR6 & Bkup Exec Ent 7
Anything else you need to know?

Are You suggesting that we implement 2.5.115 in a "PRODUCTION" Environment?
I would be happy to, if I could be assured (insured) that it "WILL PRINT
Invoices CORRECTLY" by August 25th. Do You suggest CR5 or 6 (remembering
that I only have 4.5 or 6-Pro)?

Can I run BOTH (2.5 & 2.2) clients on the same machine against 2 different

Can I run 2.5 against the 2.5 db or the 2.2.38 client against the 2.5 db?

Can I create a NEW db that is smaller that the original and still transfer
the data?
Old 350 MB & 800MB Log
New 300 should be good & 450 for Log??? Now that I know how to trim the db
450 should be enough?

Is this advised over trying to update the old db?

If I get a new machine for SQL w/ 256MB ram, is there a better way to
allocate ram then just give SQL 200MB or should some be allocated differently?

Please explain the difference in the Admin for the 2 types of ICVerify.
We have an older DOS version, which is right for us. Will the Batchin.dat

Can you add the "Customers Full Name" to the "Comments" section if the
batch line?

I DON'T want to "balance forward", but I DO want ALL accounts to expire on
the 15th, will 2.5 calculate the pro-rated fee? We Charge "Setup, Balace
of First Month, AND the Next Month on Startup". PLEASE MAKE IT DO THIS,

Thanks Good Work (It's been a long time since I told you that)
JOhn :}

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