Re: Last Round of Emerald 2.5 beta testing

John Lange ( )
Sat, 01 Aug 1998 16:48:51 -0500


Can't log into ANTS and I need to report bugs... We are making a list though.

JOhn :}

At 12:51 PM 8/1/1998 -0700, you wrote:
>The Emerald development team would like to open up testing of Emerald
>to include full testing and usage. IEA Software will support, in a
>limited fashion, the use of Emerald 2.5 in a production environment.
>This offer is only available to current beta testers that have already
>downloaded and installed Emerald 2.5 in a test environment. New
>applicants will not be allowed to join the beta test at this time.
>IEA Software Anomoly Tracking System (Ants)
>During this round of testing and implementation, beta testers will be
>required to use Ants for reporting and tracking problems. This will
>drammatically improve communication, responsiveness and tracking of
>problems. It will also allow beta testers to see problems and
>resolutions which have already been reported by others.
>Ants is a web based system that is available from the IEA Software
>website. You must have a username and password to login into Ants,
>so that all reports and resoluions can be tracked correctly. The
>url for Ants is:
>If you are a current beta tester, then you should login with the
>Email address you are subscribed to the Emerald-beta mailing list
>and just the username portion of it for your password. We will
>allow for changing your password in the future. If you have
>problems logging into Ants, please send email to support to
>correct the problem.
>For this round of closed beta testing, IEA Software will be rewarding
>the tester with the most reported bugs by giving them a complementary
>additional 500 MBR license. For a report to be counted, it must be
>the first for that particular problem. Duplicate reports by other
>testers will not be counted towards the overall total.
>The rewards time frame will be until the end of August, 98. At that
>time, the totals will be counted and the licenses will be given.
>Support for the beta will be supplied via the Emerald-Beta mailing
>list and the Ants web site. Limited Phone support will be available
>for emergency or missions critical situations. However, all other
>options (like Ants and the mailing list) should be used before
>calling for support. Support will be limited to resoling specific
>problems, not for asking generic questions.
>IEA Sostfware, send our thanks to all who are involved in the
>testing of Emerald 2.5.
>Dale E. Reed Jr. (
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