New Impressions 2.5.115

John Lange ( )
Sat, 01 Aug 1998 13:15:30 -0500


Client Config:
NT 4.0 Wkstn sp3
SQL 6.5 utils Installed
System DSN Named Emerald pointing to SQL Server test db Emerald25

I finally had time today to re-try the new Emerald beta. I Installed
2.5.74 & couldn't find shlwapi.dll in the path. "IT IS THERE, in the
\winnt\system32 dir.

Tried 2.5.115 and initial comments are "GREAT".

You have done alot of work since .60

My Emerald25 TEST db is several months old.

Ran the Update in the Admin (2.5.28) & couldn't find dropold.sql otherwise
it didn't complain. The "Check" only took 1 minute, is this normal...

Is this why calls on-line do not work? I get an "invalid procedure call or
argument" call I imagine those who were online when I created the db have
been on (hypothetically) for several thousand minutes.

The MBR account screen does NOT conform to the screen size @ 800X600, looks
like is hasn't been re-written yet. Search screen is OK.

I will test the functionallity of the rest when I the Boss & get a chance.
She is getting real impatient again.

What would happen if I ran this version against my 2.2.38 Database? Crash?
or just not function???

Thanks Dale & All Involved, Emerald is starting to look like a "Class Act"
hope it works as well as it looks.

Have you given any thought to my "Sales Tax" accounting question I posted
way back in April or May???

I know Emerald is NOT an accounting package, but I have one request. This
has been bugging me ever since you started processing sales tax.

Many area's around the country (ours too) require both "State" and "Local"
sales tax computation. Some local area's have different tax rates.

Could you, would you, consider creating two (2) tax fields maybe even a
separate "tax" table, so we can assign different tax rates to different
services, and have the option to use 1 or 2 different tax rates per
service. The total tax can be a lump total on invoices, but we need to be
able to break it out for reporting.

Service Tax Selection:
[X] State Tax or Sales Tax 1
[ } Local or Sales Tax 2
Pull Down {Columbia Co }
{Marquette Co }
{Juneau Co }
{Adams Co }

The state of -> WI <- "REALLY" makes us account for sales tax collected in
each county. So far we have been "re-entering" each customer AND payment
in another accounting package "Just to Track Sales Tax".

Also we need to assign "Sales Tax" to "Charges" and "Setup Charges".
Currently we just compute the charge with sales tax and create a total.
This "REALLY" screws up our sales tax computation.

Thanks Again
JOhn :}

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