Expanded Docs for 2.5

Barry Kiesz ( (no email) )
Tue, 28 Jul 1998 17:43:31 -0500

I probably missed this somewhere, but I'll ask it anyway..

Are there any "expanded docs" available for 2.5 beta. We have the Technical
docs, but that just covers the Radius and basic Emerald setup. We do some
wholesaling to other ISPs and would to try out the "new features" in
Emerald. One sticking point for us so far is the E-mail invoice for each
independent ISP. Are there some out there?... do we create them with CR6.0
Pro?? If so, could we get some direction? Sorry to be a pain in the A**, but
we are getting pressure from the bosses to automate..automate..automate



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