Re: SNMP Emerald 2.5

Dale Reed ( )
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 01:29:14 -0700

J Dyer wrote:
> All setup and it looks like it is working, should the RadiusNT be calling
> RadcheckonlineSNMP, its still calling RadCheckonline.
> Is there an easy way to check to see if this is working? (a dumb question?)

It will only call RadCheckOnlineSNMP if RadCheckOnline returns one or
more entries. IOW, it only verifies the entries it has to see if
they are still correct, it doesn't go ot and check all the ports to
see if all the ports are correct.

You'd have to call into your terminal server as a user who is
already logged in to see RadiusNT do the SNMP check.

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