RE: DNIS Number Field too small

J Dyer ( (no email) )
Fri, 19 Jun 1998 09:20:13 +0100

Thanks for the info, yes our PM3's are returning the full dialup number of
11 digits,
To increase the field do I copy the table, change the field size, drop the
old table and put the new one back in its place ? will this work?

also my previous PM3 SNMP question --- is there an obvious way of checking
to see if its working. Is the SNMP check only done after the normal online
check is done ? ie after a users is already found online does it then run
the snmp check to see if that is correct.

Julian Dyer
Athene Internet
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> J Dyer wrote:
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> > The DNISNumbers are currently set as ten characters this is too
> small, the
> > minimum for UK national numbers is 11,
> > (The NAS is returning the Dialup number as the DNIS is this correct?)
> >
> > With the database live, SQL Ent. Manager does not allow me to
> change this
> > size, Is a script needed or the database running in single user mode ?
> SQL Server doesn't allow you to change the size of an existing field.
> You have to re-create the table. 11 is pretty big. Usually DNIS
> only includes a portion of the number and not the whole number itself.
> I'll change the DB layout to be 12. DNIS is the number the user dialed
> and Caller-ID is the number of the calling user.
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