Re: URGENT: 2.5.71 date handling BROKEN!?

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Fri, 29 May 1998 22:12:59 -0700

Peter A. Sang wrote:
> Correction: this error was also present in earlier beta versions.
> Dates are bein READ correctly, but SAVEd wrong:
> e.g. Create date of today '29.05.98' becomes '17.08.95'.
> Dale, please have a look @ your conversion algorithm ;)

I checked all this out and everything worked fine attached to your system
Check your reginal settings and let me know what the date setting is.
I've been running my system dd.MM.yy and everything is working fine
(although that date format is play games with my head).

If its still not working, could you get me a trace of the update
command when you update the create date? It should be is ISO format.

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