Re: CallsOnline

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 14:53:17 -0700

David Moore wrote:
> Is the CallsOnline table supposed to tell me who is online at the time? It
> shows me all of the NASs and PORTs regardless of if it is being used or
> not. Also, it shows the last user for each port. Is this correct? What
> is this supposed to tell me? Nothing in this view seems to tell me if the
> user is online or not.

If the AcctStatusType field is 1, then the user is online. Otherwise
they are not.

> The FramedAddress field in the ServerPorts and Calls tables are not being
> updated? Should it be updated from that data passed from the NAS? It is
> being passed as Framed-IP-Address, as in the RadAttributes table. Does
> this make a difference? Does the name of the field matter?

The attribute name should be Framed-Address. This could be an
old dictionary? Changing the name should correct the problem.

> To add attributes to the Calls table do I just add the field in SQL without
> the dashes? Is the order of field important? Does it have to mirror the
> order being passed to it?

Order is not important, but is must match the type from the
RadAttributes table (0=string, 1=int, 2=ip/, etc where 0 and 2 are a
and 1 is an int in SQL).

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