David Moore ( )
Thu, 27 Aug 1998 13:20:36 -0400

Is the CallsOnline table supposed to tell me who is online at the time? It
shows me all of the NASs and PORTs regardless of if it is being used or
not. Also, it shows the last user for each port. Is this correct? What
is this supposed to tell me? Nothing in this view seems to tell me if the
user is online or not.

The FramedAddress field in the ServerPorts and Calls tables are not being
updated? Should it be updated from that data passed from the NAS? It is
being passed as Framed-IP-Address, as in the RadAttributes table. Does
this make a difference? Does the name of the field matter?

To add attributes to the Calls table do I just add the field in SQL without
the dashes? Is the order of field important? Does it have to mirror the
order being passed to it?