Re: Attribute 26 - vendor specific ?

Rudy Komsic ( (no email) )
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 00:38:53 -0400

>Vendor Specific Attributes are only supported in ODBC mode. A couple
>of people have reported problems with VSA in 2.5.12x and they are
>testing a correction for it.
>You must add the Vendor ID in the RadVendors table (like 9 for
>Cisco, etc) and then you can add attributes into the RadAttriutes
>table with a RadAttributeID of 26, a RadVendorID matching the entry
>you added, and a RadVendorType of the VSA you want to have. The
>data portion will allways be the data speicfic to the VSA.
This was an old question I found. I have a USR Total Control Chassis with the
following Vendor Specific Information. I tried to add it in according to what
you said but it does not function... I think I need to expand or convert the
RadVendorType field for it to be supported.

Type: 26 (Vendor Specific)
Length: 14
Organization ID: 429 for US Robotics
Indicator: 0x900F
Name: Primary-DNS-Server
Server IP Addr: IP Address of DNS Server

When I tried to add it in, I got a duplicate RadAttributeID error.

How would I add this function into my radius to be able to support the vendor
specific functions.