Re: Text backup from database - more

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Thu, 20 Aug 1998 11:18:56 -0700

Kurt Lange wrote:
> Dale, sorry there was some confusion in my previous message. The attribute
> name is correct "Framed-Route", that was just a misspelling in my email.
> It's the quotes around the actual data that are the problem.
> It seems to me there is an issue in the conversion from ODBC to Text. If
> the data " 1" saved in SQL is in quotes it will not load
> in the routing table when auth'ing against ODBC. To get the data to have
> quotes around it using radusers.exe you have to put it in quotes in SQL but
> you can't have quotes around it if you want it to work when auth'ing against
> ODBC. Is it possible for radusers.exe to add quotes around multi parameter
> data, i.e. 1 gets saved to the text file as "
> 1"?

Yes. I realized this laster last night. The new radusers does infact
correctly handle the quotes so that it is correct all around. I'll try
to get the new one available soon. It uses a completely different set
of stored procedures, has better problem recovery, and can store to a
file directly (not stdio).

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