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Dale E. Reed Jr. wrote:

> Fernando M. Kiernan wrote:
> >
> > Please give us a more detailed description of this feature
> > (specifically for a USR-TC) because with choosed the standard version
> > thinnking there is not a reason to choose the Enterprise (we don't use
> > proxy, nor plan to use SNMP), but this feature may change our point of view.
> > Currently, not by itself. Livingston PMs will send a reboot accounting
> > message that RadiusNT knows and will clear all lines for that NAS. We
> > have SNMP extensions for RadiusNT that can verify the port status on
> > the fly. This has been tested with USR and Livingston gear so far. We
> > are working on support for some of the others (like Ascend).
> If you have an enterprise license and have SNMP configured and
> working, RadiusNT can make SNMP requests to verify whether the
> data in the calls online for that user is correct or not. It will
> NOT update the calls online. Its just verify whether the user is
> still on-line as listed by the calls online. The goal is to
> prevent any false denial, rather than prevent 100% concurrency.
> I'll see about updating the current 2.5 docs to include information
> on this SNMP feature as well.
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