Primary key violations

Ted Olson ( )
Mon, 17 Aug 1998 17:54:03 -0700

All of a sudden we're getting a new rash of 'primary key violation' errors
(ODBC 23000, v2.5.124). Unlike before, these do not show duplicate
subsequent stop records in acct.log - we're looking for a new pattern.

Response times seem low (typically only double-digit), and NAS timeouts are
set to 10. I'd like to try Access single-thread mode (per Dale's
suggestion), but didn't receive a response to a prev post asking where/how
the '-s' mode should be specified, don't see where to set that via either
radadmin or in the registry.

The docs say that "all command line options can also be specified in the
registry" ... can -s only be run from the command line?


-Ted Olson
OCS Software