Re: Emerald Admin: Billing Cycles

Glen Harvy ( )
Tue, 18 Aug 1998 10:24:59 +1000

At 23:22 16/08/98 -0700, you wrote:
>This isn't really a RadiusNT issue is it? This should be on the
>Emerald Mailing list. Please use it for followups. I really try to
>keep Emerald specific issues on the Emerald list, since we have
>RadiusNT customers on this list who don't use Emerald.

I'll reply to this in the Emerald Mailing list as well but frankly, I'm
supposed to be on that mailing list but have never received anything.
That's why I used this mailing list. By all means, please reply therein as
some other Emerald users MUST have already figured out some way for me to
avoid my problem.

>Glen Harvy wrote:
>> By way of background, I charge my customers on the 15th Monthly and have
>> done so for years. If someone joins up in between dates then I make an
>> appropriate adjustment to their hours and/or charge.
>Do you bill on the 15th for the 15th-15th or on the 15th for the

The first option ie 15-15th

>> I thought I had everything properly configured however when I ran call
>> consolidation, all the call details prior to August 1st was deleted from
>> the CALLS table.
>This sounds like an Emerlad 2.1 issue. If you use Emerald 2.2, the
>consolidation will correctly align on the expiration date.

I use Emerald 2.2.23 and have done so since (if memory serves me correct) I
needed that version to run with RadiusNT 2.5 .

Now that I have stuffed my records up and tried to figure out why I have
stuffed them up, I can now see how Emerald is designed to work :-)

Nevertheless, I fail to see why records prior to August 1st have gone west
so to speak :-)

To explain:

Not being to sure of the first months "live" use of Emerald, I put the 15th
August as the "Paid Thru:" date and 23rd August as the "Expire date:" . I
did this thinking that would give me some breathing space.

I ran call consolidation on the 15th and it didn't work. As you said, I
subsequently ran the sql scripts and again call consolidation. This time it
worked and consolidated all the data prior to the 1st August.

I've since got the wider picture and changed the Expire Date to the 15th
and added 7 to the Limit field. (What I should have done in the first place
- I know :-) ).

>> I presume that I didn't setup Emerald properly in that the billing cycle
>> should have been "anniversary" rather than "monthly" (I got that
>> information from the Database Schema). On trying to check this, when I try
>> to click on the tab I get:
>Billing cycles are NOT implemented in Emerald 2.2 and lower. Ignore the
>tab in the Admin.

OK. :-)

>> The problem I now have is that the call data from 15th July to 1st August
>> has "disappeared"! Is there anyway I can get extract this data?
>Not unless you have a backup.

Following what you said above - I can see why the call data prior to the
"Expire Date:" one month before ie 23/7/98 was expunged but not between
then and 1st August.

Again, I have now figured most of the Emerald "methodology" out and see
that if someone wants a record of their calls, or disputes my charge then
Emerald will not retain the evidence. Frankly, I'm quite amazed that the
most basic accounting record that I have is destroyed every month.

I will now have to learn SQL and have a report created that will save all
this data for future reference. Is there already a report available to do
this? Is there any chance that Emerald will incorporate this in the near

>> The documentation infers that a users call data is saved in the users own
>> database. Is this correct? If it is, I could run Call Consolidation daily
>> and allow my users access to their own database.
>I don't follow the above, and if it is in the docs, its wrong. There
>is now users database. There is a CallHistory Table that shows summary
>information for prior usage.

Page 43 of the Emerald Manual (in Part) ".... merges all of this
information into one concise record for each user ..." . Nowhere does it
say that the information is summarised and then deleted.

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