Logging calls

David Moore ( dmoore@communitychoice.net )
Thu, 13 Aug 1998 19:19:29 -0400

I finally have our evaluation version of RadiusNT enterprise up and
accepting pass through authentication from a merit radius server. However,
it does not appear to be logging the calls. We have successfully logged on
several test accounts. Some data does accumulate in the RadLogs table, but
nothing in the Calls or ServerPorts tables. Do I need to fill something
out in ServerPorts or are the records in it created by radiusNT?.

We are using RadiusNT to coordinate authentication and billing for roaming
accounts, so we don't own or manage the NAS used by these customers. Will
RadiusNT track who is on-line at a given time (for tech support and
concurrency control) and record the session length (for billing)? If so
what entries do I need to make in which tables?

TIA, David