David Moore ( )
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 19:28:16 -0400

I need to accept pass-through authentication from a merit system for final
authentication against the users in RadiusNT. I want to do this in ODBC
mode. the merit system passes me the user name with the realm as a suffix
(i.e. The trick I need to accomplish is to strip
the realm (suffix/domain) prior to authentication and returning the proper
attributes. I can make everything work without using the proxying
capabilities if I go into the subaccounts table and add the domain to the
User field, but I don't want to do it that way. I need to know how to set
up the RadRoamDomains and RadRoamServers (and Servers) tables to accomplish
this. I have the Enterprise version. I have tried every combination of
data in the RadRoamDomain and RadRoamServers tables and checked and
unchecked everything I can find in the administrator with no luck. (Yes, I
have TreatAsLocal and StripDomain marked as yes, but I don't think the
request is getting that far.)

There is a service listed under NT called "Radius Server / Proxy", but it
will not run. I get an error "ERROR 0002: The system cannot find the file
specified" when I try to start it. Is this Part of RadiusNT and should it
be running?

I need to know the specific entries I need to make into the various ODBC
tables to get this function to work when I receive requests from these
servers with the domain attached.

It is a pass through from MegaPOP if that helps.
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