RE: Steps needed for time of day account

Mark Colasante ( )
Tue, 11 Aug 1998 19:00:00 -0400

It is not working for us. We have done the following:

1. Took ServerID from Servers table and put it in ServerAccess table
for each account type. Left Port column in ServerAcess NULL for each
server. Put 0 for all start and stop times accept the account type that
is set for 8 AM to 5 PM.

2. Configured Servers table for all NAS devices and all ports on each
NAS. This table is working as the current user is showing up on the
respective ports.

3. Stopped Radius and clicked on Server Access in ODBC Options in
Radius Administrator, saved the changes, and restarted Radius.

When we tried to logon with an account type of PPP it kept asking for
username and password. The start and stop times for this account type
are set to both 0 in ServerAccess.

What are we missing?

Mark Colasante

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Mark Colasante wrote:
> Two questions from here then.
> 1. Do I need to configure the table named ServerPorts? If so, what
> info needs to be put in there? Right now mine has no entries at all.

You should, but you don't have to. You should have an entry for
each ServerID from the Servers table and each port for that server.

> 2. Can I leave the Port field blank in ServerAccess and have all the
> ports work?

Yes. Actually, leave it NULL.

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