Re: ODBC errors

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 09:30:02 -0700

Ted Olson wrote:
> Seemed to go very smoothly - for a couple hours at least. Since then, we've
> had 3-4 distinct problems where connections are fine for a while and then
> start being denied with the error below. The bandaid fix is to stop and
> restart RadiusNT, then all is OK again (until the next time).

It seems to be a response time problem. If you look at the response
times, they are from 10 seconds upwards to 30 seconds. Thats not
going to cut it. :(

> Any idea what might be causing this? It wasn't happening on the old
> machine, and it's the exact same database as before, no changes to table
> structures or indexes. Is there a way to determine which table/index is
> being referred to? (It just happened again...) Here's a longshot, but is
> the dual CPU config an issue at all?

Its referring to the accounting (calls tale, primary key). The issue
is that the records DOES get saved the first time, but takes so long
the NAS re-sends it laster (getting this error). This starts an
avalanche affect that you are seeing.

One thing you might try is running in single thread mode. I'm
still not sure about how well MS Access will handle auth and
accounting simulataneously, which you are seeing a lot of (the
intertwined debug from the auth and acct is a sign of that).

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