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Brian Lube ( )
Mon, 10 Aug 1998 09:05:20 -0400

Actually, as long as I could limit multipoint sessions I would be really
happy. With the invention of 'shotgun' modems (and DUN 1.2) we have had a
large number of customers double-up their modems trying to improve speed.
While this is a nice feature it can really hinder us in our modem-user

Brian Lube

At 06:52 AM 8/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
>At 02:41 PM 8/9/98 -0500, you wrote:
>>Actually the idea of allowing simultaneous access with one user account
>>is not as bad as it sounds. I have not been able to find an ISP global
>>or otherwise that allows for this functionality.
>We allow simultaneous concurrent connections if the the customer needs and
>pays for this feature.
>>Here is the scenario:
>>I am implementing PPTP for all of my dialup users however I don't want
>>to buy all of my users 1500+ an individual account. I would rather start
>>out with a fixed number of accounts to be able to login to the ISP with
>>a single account. The ISP can charge me as though I have 100 accounts
>>or whatever number I decide on. I also would like to have some
>>"overdraft" coverage in there like +10 connections for when there are an
>>abnormally high number of users traveling.
>The only difficulty I see in the above is the "overdraft protection". I am
>not certain how I would do this, but, I feel that it cound be accomplished
>by some scheduled procedure which would monitor calls online for a
>particular username at some given interval.
>>If this could be monitored to tell me how many calls on the average the
>>ISP is recieving on this account. Depending on what the outcome is, I
>>can adjust my account login limit accordingly.
>Total calls for the month, as well as other statistical info regarding the
>account is always available to any of my customers directly from our
>website. It is not difficult to do!
>>I have talked with many an ISP and they all seem to tell me the same
>>My billing software does not allow for that.
>We have created our own "billing software" through Access '97 as the front
>end to MS SQL Server. We are able to create or modify a billing module to
>customize the billing to the customers needs. We then run a macro which
>executes all of the billing modules.
>My request was more specific. I want to be able to automatically notify
>users which DO NOT have multiple logon ability of the fact that they are
>trying to do just that :)
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>>Hi Dale,
>>I have been following several threads in various lists regarding
>>concurrent logon control. RadiusNT does an excellent joj of controlling
>>The one feature that is very often mentioned that seems to be an
>>idea, for several reasons, including selling more dialin accounts to
>>commercial entities using one dialin for all employees, is the ability
>>send an email to the offending account explaining that the logon was
>>rejected due to the fact that the username is already logged on.
>>Might there be a way to get RadiusNT to have this option in a not too
>>distant release?
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>We Distribute the Easy Internet and Easy HTML CD Roms
>InterNet Access Network
>18 McDaniel Street
>Dayton, OH 45405-4816
>Voice: 937-461-3660 Fax:937-228-2773