Re: RadiusNT and SQL back-up question

Josh Hillman ( (no email) )
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 13:10:13 -0400

> From: Peter D. Mayer <>
> The best way we've found to do this is to do an SQL Backup of your
> each night just before the machine backup runs.
> 1)In Enterprise Manager, go to Tools>Database Backup/Restore.
> 2)Under Database Device click New.
> 3)Pick a name, and make sure "Disk Backup Device" is selected.
> 4)Select the database you want backed up, and click Entire Database,
> Initialize Device, and No Expiration date.
> 5)Then click on your newly created Backup Device and click schedule.
> the volume label blank.
> 6)Select recurring, and select Daily, every 1 days, occurs once at
> (or just before your backup starts).
> Then even though it doesn't backup your main database, it will still
> the backup device. Then if you need to restore, just restore the backup
> device from tape and use the restore utility.

You should do the same thing for the "master" database (using another
backup device). I'd let the backup (diskdump) of "master" run before
backing up "Emerald". I have my "master" db get backed up at 3:00am, then
"Emerald" at 3:15am. If you already created the schedule for your Emerald
backup, you can change the time if you need to by going into SQL Enterprise
Manager --> Server pull-down menu --> Scheduled Tasks. Double-click on
your Emerald backup task and change the time in there.

When I run a tape-backup, it backs up the diskdumps. Periodically, I stop
MSSQL Server, and copy the contents of \mssql\data to some other area,
restart MSSQL, then run a tape backup--that way I get a backup of the
actual database files.

Josh Hillman

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> >Recently, we upsized our RadiusNT database to MS SQL.
> >
> >I just tried to back-up our SQL server... and I noticed
> >that the Radius database files were all skipped because
> >they were in use.