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I'm almost in the same situation. I've been helping a friend out when I can.
He's running 2.2 if I remember correctly. I have it set to run
for him as a text users file. Works fine but he really wants to use the NT
SAM. I have never been able to get it to work for him. All I do
is move the users actual password to an identical account(same user id
- case and everything)which is already created in the NT user manager.
Then replace the password in the users file with the WINNT\DOMAIN
scheme(using the pfe32 program of coarse)and poof it doesn't work anymore. I
must be missing something. Please help.

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Greg wrote:
> Ok, guys I need a little help her. I have read ALL the docs, and ALL the
> archives, but this is my problem:
> I installed Radius 2.5 all went well
> It will authenticate fine if the user name and password are in the user
> explictly but not against the NT SAM.
> Radius is installed as a service, and I have a user in the User Manager
> the password of WINNT\DOMAIN. And I told it to log on as that user in the
> service control manager of the Control Panel.

It sounds like you probably have this incorrenct. The password of
the user RadiusNT is running on is irrelevant (it must be correct,
however). The WINNT\DOMAIN format is the USER'S password in the
database or text file that is trying to be authenticated. Their
actua NT password will be whatever is normally is.

> Questions:
> 1. Exactly what permissions, or groups do I need to give to the user
> Radius logs on as?

Administrator Equivalent.

> 2. What Groups do I need to add my Users to?

With 2.5, the users shouldn't need any special permissions.

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