RadiusNT and the SAM

Greg ( (no email) )
Thu, 30 Jul 1998 04:49:31 -0500

Ok, guys I need a little help her. I have read ALL the docs, and ALL the
archives, but this is my problem:

I installed Radius 2.5 all went well
It will authenticate fine if the user name and password are in the user file
explictly but not against the NT SAM.

Radius is installed as a service, and I have a user in the User Manager with
the password of WINNT\DOMAIN. And I told it to log on as that user in the
service control manager of the Control Panel.


1. Exactly what permissions, or groups do I need to give to the user that
Radius logs on as?

2. What Groups do I need to add my Users to?

Or am I really missing something here!