Re: Has any one figured it out yet?

Gaby ( )
Fri, 24 Jul 1998 15:41:35 +0200

>I have tested this on many different installs of SQL Server w/out a
>problem. Could this be a language install problem? What version
>of SQL Server, service packs, and language support do you have for
>SQL Server and the Client RadiusNT is running on?
>Dale E. Reed Jr. (
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I am running the Standard MSSQL 6.5 sp4 english under
NT 4.0 Server with sp3. RadiusNT is running on the same server,
and this problem occurs when I use RADLOGIN and when I actually
go in through my NAS. The funny thing is though, that when I use radius
against a MSAccess DB it workx fine, it only stoops under SQL.


P.S. - Could it be because I am using the 10 user non-resale version of SQL?