Re: Vendor-Specific Attribute

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 14:57:25 -0700

Edsonet wrote:
> I am using RadiusNT 2.5(ODBC) with several Telebit NetBlazers as RAS. I am
> having a difficult time getting accurate information on how Radius
> Accounting works from either end. The NetBlazer 3.3 Manual lists the
> following as being sent in the Radius Accounting packet:
> User-Name 1
> User-Password 2
> CHAP-Password 3

If its sending 2 or 3 in accounting requests, its definately not RFC
compliant. Those are for auth requests only.

> NAS-IP-Address 4
> NAS-Port 5
> Service-Type 6
> Framed-Protocol 7
> Login-Port 16
> Vendor-Specific 26
> Acct-Session-ID 44
> Vendor data is supposedly sent out under the Vendor-Specific attribute.
> Even though the Netblazer says that it doesn't support them, AcctSessionTime,
> AcctInputOctets, and AcctOutputOctets do get logged. What I don't see in
> RadiusNT is any allowance for the Vendor-Specific attribute. Do I just
> create a field called VendorSpecific to get this to log?

You have to define the VSAs themself. I have been working on some
new example scripts for this. Currently VSA is only supported in
ODBC mode. You need to add an entry in the RadVendors table
for the Telebits' VSA VenedorID. Then you can add entries in the
RadAttributes table for that VendorID, Attribute 26 (VSA) and VendorType
(whatever they report or list to support in the VSA types).

You must restart RadiusNT for these to work correctly.

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