Re: Vendor-Specific Attribute

Edsonet ( )
Fri, 28 Aug 1998 09:36:19 -0600

At 02:57 PM 07/15/98 -0600, you wrote:

>You have to define the VSAs themself. I have been working on some
>new example scripts for this. Currently VSA is only supported in
>ODBC mode. You need to add an entry in the RadVendors table
>for the Telebits' VSA VenedorID. Then you can add entries in the
>RadAttributes table for that VendorID, Attribute 26 (VSA) and VendorType
>(whatever they report or list to support in the VSA types).
>You must restart RadiusNT for these to work correctly.

*********************** SEPARATER **********************
I am afraid I need some more help on this one. Telebit (ITK) has not been
very helpful. There does not seem to be anybody left that really
understands how radius has been implemented on the NetBlazer. Here is what
I have done so far: