Re: Radius Proxy

Dale E. Reed Jr. ( (no email) )
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 21:35:56 -0700

Greg White wrote:
> On another possibly related note, when we first tried 2.5, several tabs
> appeared in the RadAdmin that allowed entry of records through the GUI.
> Now that I have installed the newest version, they don't show up, so I have
> to make entries manually.

I'm not quite sure what you are referring to here? There is an issue
if you go from test to ODBC mode, sometimes you have to save the mode
and re-run Radadmn before the ODBC tabs will be displayed.

> * I have also tried it with an accounttype specified with the same results.

Thats only for overriding the attributes received from the remote
RADIUS server with the set of default attributes associated with the

> radrecv: Request from host ce3a7f2a code=1, id=103, length=86
> User-Name = ""
> Sending proxy request to: skipnet:

We received the requiest and forwarded it to the remote server.

> radrecv: Request from host ccca540a code=3, id=103, length=20
> Proxy: Found Matching Proxy request for response (w/o proxy state).
> Sending Reject of id 103 to ce3a7f2a (riker)

Here we received a reject from the remote server (code=3) and
forward the reject back to the client making the request.

You didn't include the RadRoamServer/RadRoamDomain config for Is the remote expecting or
just test for the username? The stripdomain option would
reflect this option. Have you had the admin on the other side
check to see whats going on?

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