Re: Radius Proxy

Gregory White ( (no email) )
Wed, 15 Jul 1998 10:39:06 -0700

> > On another possibly related note, when we first tried 2.5, several tabs
> > appeared in the RadAdmin that allowed entry of records through the GUI.
> > Now that I have installed the newest version, they don't show up, so I
> have
> > to make entries manually.
> I'm not quite sure what you are referring to here? There is an issue
> where
> if you go from test to ODBC mode, sometimes you have to save the mode
> and re-run Radadmn before the ODBC tabs will be displayed.

The tabs/fields that are not showing up are ones specifically for entering
proxy information. Maybe my memory is completely unreliable, but I could
swear I saw these previously.

> > * I have also tried it with an accounttype specified with the same
> results.
> Thats only for overriding the attributes received from the remote
> RADIUS server with the set of default attributes associated with the
> domain.
> > radrecv: Request from host ce3a7f2a code=1, id=103, length=86
> > User-Name = ""
> > Sending proxy request to: skipnet:
> We received the requiest and forwarded it to the remote server.
> > radrecv: Request from host ccca540a code=3, id=103, length=20
> >
> > Proxy: Found Matching Proxy request for response (w/o proxy state).
> > Sending Reject of id 103 to ce3a7f2a (riker)
> Here we received a reject from the remote server (code=3) and
> forward the reject back to the client making the request.
> You didn't include the RadRoamServer/RadRoamDomain config for
> Is the remote expecting or
> just test for the username?

In the dubug info, I was attempting to protect the anonymity of our client,
but it looks like I pooched that. Sorry about that. All references to the
domain in the RadRoamServer/RadRoamDomain actually refer to, so is correct. He is expecting just "test" as a username.
If I have entered for the domain, and StripDomain selected,
will it also remove the @?

> The stripdomain option would
> reflect this option. Have you had the admin on the other side
> check to see whats going on?

The debug capability on his radius product apparently leaves something to
be desired.

Thank you,

Greg White
Network Operations Manager
Direct NET Communications