Re: Access to client info with html ?

Reid Sutherland ( (no email) )
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 08:53:52 -0400

Easiest way to get your database info on the web would be to use Microsoft
Visual Interdev. You can download a beta from their website. You have to
know a bit of Visual Basic or Visual C++ in order to customize the asp it

Hope this helps.

Reid Sutherland
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From: Greg H <>
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Date: Monday, July 13, 1998 5:20 AM
Subject: Access to client info with html ?

>Im using Radius 2.5 and Emerald on NT.
>Is there any utilities or progs that will help me allow clients to
>access some info about their accounts eg: Hours/data used etc, via our
>website ?
>Thanks Greg
>ps: Thanks to Dale and others that replied to my last msg ,i have learnt
>so much off this list ,just wanna let yas know that many of us
>appreciate your help :)You probably help many more people than you
>I run a small but very well equipped ISP in Sydney Australia.
>One thing we have learnt ,that is that billing is one thing we gotta get
>running smoothly.
>Any veiws on Emerald ? Is there an easier way ? Emerald seems very
>powerful but at this stage many of its features are seemingly diffficult
>to get to stage where things are streamlined .Going to RTFM "again"
>now............ :))
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