Re: Access to client info with html ?

Marlon Cardoso ( (no email) )
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 14:20:45 -0300

Hi Greg,

I did a Web Page using Cold Fusion which asks the username, password and
month to see time used, after checking the password it gives the total time
connected in the month selected and gives the option to the user to view the
detail of every connection (all this based on the RadiusNT database).

If is something like this that you are looking for, please tell me, I can
send you the scripts, and if you don't use Cold Fusion, you can convert it
to ASP (you can at least use the queries).

Marlon Cardoso

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From: Greg H <>
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Date: Segunda-feira, 13 de Julho de 1998 6:22
Subject: Access to client info with html ?

>Im using Radius 2.5 and Emerald on NT.
>Is there any utilities or progs that will help me allow clients to
>access some info about their accounts eg: Hours/data used etc, via our
>website ?
>Thanks Greg
>ps: Thanks to Dale and others that replied to my last msg ,i have learnt
>so much off this list ,just wanna let yas know that many of us
>appreciate your help :)You probably help many more people than you
>I run a small but very well equipped ISP in Sydney Australia.
>One thing we have learnt ,that is that billing is one thing we gotta get
>running smoothly.
>Any veiws on Emerald ? Is there an easier way ? Emerald seems very
>powerful but at this stage many of its features are seemingly diffficult
>to get to stage where things are streamlined .Going to RTFM "again"
>now............ :))
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