Calls Online not accurate 2.5.124

Michael G. Minnich ( (no email) )
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 11:06:39 -0400

We just upgraded to 2.5.124 from 1.16.xx (NT4.0, SP3, latest ODBC driver
(3.5??), ODBC mode, Access '97 enhanced database) and we are very pleased.
One problem. When a user is disconnected due to bad phone line, etc., the
Calls Online query leaves the user active and does not insert a stop
record. Our PM3s (ComOS 3.8b17) see that the user has disconnected. But
when the user dials back, he cannot login as concurrency control sees that
he is still "active", and a reject 14 is inserted into RadLogs. Manual
Calls Update and Concurrency were enabled. ServerPorts populated. All else
appears normal.

We have disabled concurrency control until this is resolved. Help!


Michael G. Minnich, President Access Visions Corporation
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