Update Online user usage

Michael Whisenant ( mwhisen@airnet.net )
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 10:22:58 -0500

Dale and/or members of this list...

You posted this neat script a few weeks back. Now I have question or two.
1. If I were to run this on a 15 minute interval and planned to kep said
data for a period of two months, what impact for size would that have on my
database assuming that I have 30-40 NAS?

2. How much impact would this be to automate. I think I can manually add
this to the scheduled tasks on my SQL server. How would I add this to run
on all 30 NAS automatically? What impact on performance etc....

>We do this, but its SQL Server based.
>First, Go into your Servers table and make sure your Location fields are
>setup so that they match (typically your regions or pops).
>Then create a table like this:
>CREATE TABLE dbo.OnlineCount (
> Date smalldatetime NOT NULL ,
> Location varchar (15) NOT NULL ,
> UserCount int NOT NULL
>Lastly, using SQL Executing to execute a command like this on what ever
>interval you want your granularity:
>Insert Into OnlineCount
>Select GetDate(), Location, Count(Username)
>From Emerald..ServerPorts sp, Emerald..Servers s
>Where AcctStatusType = 1
> AND sp.ServerID = s.ServerID
>Group by s.Location

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