NO UDP service problem.

Allen Mallari ( (no email) )
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 16:48:51 -0700

I installed Radius 2.5 and unistalled it and installed
Radius 2.x and I'm getting this error whenever i'm running
in radius -x15 mode. I'm using TEXT MODE.

10) AcctDirectory: c:\radius\acct
11) UsersFile: Users
12) Username:
13) Password:
14) CompanyName: First Internet Alliance-Las Vegas
15) License: MY LISCENSE IS HERE..

Param: Debug Level: 15
Initializing Winsock...
Client:Some IP HERE.....

Loading users...
1 users loaded!
RADIUS: No such service: radius/udp in your services file.
Defaulting to port 1645 for RADIUS Authentication.
RADIUS: No such service: radacct/udp in your services file.
Defaulting to port 27911 for RADIUS Authentication.
Radius NT is ready to receive requests!

Please reply ASAP!