Calls Table/Concurrency Control

Michael Whisenant ( )
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 19:25:28 -0500


Recently, (last few days) the calls table is not getting updated properly
which causes concurrency control fits. I have set another Radius server up
and have just one chassis's accounting ONLY packets going to that machine.
I see the packets arriving and see STOP packets arriving. Calls table is
updated on all START records, but the STOP records update about 90% of the
time. This is a major issue. I have thought it was timing, but I never
see long times in the update information. I am 1 hop away from the Radius
server, the link is less than 40% used, the machine is a dual 400Mhz with
ONLY NT and RADIUS running. Average times on the packets is under 100ms.
Is there a problem with v2.5? What is the manual calls update value and
should it be selected, and if so they I wonder why it has been working?
Assistance and advice needed!!!!
Michael J. Whisenant
Vice-President, Operations
AIRnet Internet Services, Inc.
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