RE: Can't connect to ODBC database

Paul Smith ( (no email) )
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 08:26:45 +0100

Thanks for that. Sorry about the HTML.

I already had the "Emerald" option set.

I cleared the logfile fields and from the prompt it now gets to the
"RadiusNT Enterprise Initialized" but still fails when you try to check the
ODBC connection.

Regards, Paul

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> Paul Smith wrote:
> I've entered the authentication information and the DSN, but when I
> click the check button it says "check connection failed". I can't see
> what I'm doing wrong, although I'm sure it's probably something
> simple.

Make sure ou have clicked on the Options button of the ODBC
and specified "Emerald" for the database.

> I've started RadiusNT with the -x15 option, and the it's supposed to
> go to the "wating for requests stage" but it only gets as far as "1
> Client's loaded"

Clear the logfile entry in the RadiusNT admin to see everything on
the screen.

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