Re: Help: NAS causes radius to pause for 30 seconds to minute

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Fri, 12 Jun 1998 18:00:41 -0500


It sounds like there is some characters in your users file that radius
doesn't like. Try using the text editor that iea software has on there ftp
site to view your users file.

Darryl Etter - CSN
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From: Thomas Suiter <>
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Date: Friday, June 12, 1998 3:28 PM
Subject: Help: NAS causes radius to pause for 30 seconds to minute

>Radius ver 2.2.41
>SQL Server 6.5 service pack 4
>Dual Processor Pentium Pro 200 w/512MB ram
>RadiusNT & SQL server on same box
>Any one heard of this? We have a USR hyper chassis that started locking
>up our radius server without any changes (or we can't find them) to the
>config. This system has been in place for a couple of months with no
>Summary of what happened/reaction:
>The radius server would stop authenticating, and did not log any
>problems. Doing a -x15 would show me that 5-10 users would scroll by
>then it would hang, and then continue. I stopped, restarted the radius
>process, rebooted the server, until I noticed that it allways would hang
>when our Hyper chassis would send us info. I rebooted the Hyper chassis
>with no luck, then I had the Hyper chassis authenticate off of our unix
>box with Livingston radius. This fixed our problem, the RadiusNT server
>authenticated everybody fine. As a work around this is fine, but this
>is unacceptable to work for more than a day for billing/accounting.
>Anybody have any ideas??? I've just moved it back and it doesn't seem do
>be reoccuring, but I'd like to maybe have a bit of a reason why this
>occurred. The cpu load was 13%, memory was fine, it would just hang.
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