Help: NAS causes radius to pause for 30 seconds to minute

Thomas Suiter ( )
Fri, 12 Jun 1998 15:28:23 -0500

Radius ver 2.2.41
SQL Server 6.5 service pack 4
Dual Processor Pentium Pro 200 w/512MB ram
RadiusNT & SQL server on same box

Any one heard of this? We have a USR hyper chassis that started locking
up our radius server without any changes (or we can't find them) to the
config. This system has been in place for a couple of months with no

Summary of what happened/reaction:

The radius server would stop authenticating, and did not log any
problems. Doing a -x15 would show me that 5-10 users would scroll by
then it would hang, and then continue. I stopped, restarted the radius
process, rebooted the server, until I noticed that it allways would hang
when our Hyper chassis would send us info. I rebooted the Hyper chassis
with no luck, then I had the Hyper chassis authenticate off of our unix
box with Livingston radius. This fixed our problem, the RadiusNT server
authenticated everybody fine. As a work around this is fine, but this
is unacceptable to work for more than a day for billing/accounting.

Anybody have any ideas??? I've just moved it back and it doesn't seem do
be reoccuring, but I'd like to maybe have a bit of a reason why this
occurred. The cpu load was 13%, memory was fine, it would just hang.

Thomas Suiter

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