Re: CallsOnline still not working!!

Peter Mott ( (no email) )
Wed, 10 Jun 1998 18:25:04 +1200

>Do you have manual calls update checked? I'm guessing that you don't.
>Stop Records only tells RadiusNT to update the ServerPorts table for
>start records (rather then insert the record into the calls table) and
>to insert the stop record. With Manual calls update enabled, the
>serverports doesn't get updates. This is assuming you are using MS
>Access or don't have a trigger for SQL Server.

Sorry but none of that made much sense to me.

I am using MS SQL Server 6.5 with the SQL schema which shipped with v2.5.116
The program has been upgraded to v2.5.224

Was the trigger you speak about in radiusnt.sql or was I supposed to imagine
its requirement and create one when I discovered that checking the
'concurrency control' box did not appear to do anything.

I dont see anything about it in the manual.

I want to disallow concurrent logins.