Re: (usr-tc) Radius/TC's

Chuck ( )
Tue, 09 Jun 1998 16:50:32 -0400

At 01:25 PM 6/9/98 -0700, you wrote:

>> The primary machine has a single IP. In -x15 debug it tells me "Radius
>> does not have sufficient rights to authenticate against the NT SAM"...
>You did omit the most important part, which is in () after this
>error. Is it an Access Denied or Privledge not held error?

Oops sorry...Privledge Not Held...

>Either have the client one PAP or disable CHAP on the Netserver and
>it should work fine. Also, feel free to include all of the lines for
>failed authentication attempts (from the radrecv() line to the resp line)
>when you have an error, since it will help greatly to resolve you problem.

I knew it was something stoopid....This seems to have solved the
Netserver/NT SAM prob...The ARC prob really doesn't matter at this point,
since it's doing what I want it to anyway...thanks for the help, oh God of