Dr. Watson with radlogin and RadiusNT v2.5

Postman Account ( postman@cp-tel.net )
Mon, 08 Jun 1998 14:49:38 -0500

I figured out why my RadiusNT v2.5 (1.16) was
giving Dr. Watson errors everytime I would try
a radlogin... after installing RadiusNT v2.5 (1.16)...
RadiusNT_25_116.zip... I noticed that a new executable
RadiusNT v2.5 (1.22)... RadiusNT_25_122.exe...
had been posted on the RadiusNT site.

So, I copied the new Radius NT v1.22 executable
over my Radius.exe (v1.16).... then, I couldn't do
a radlogin after this... only Dr. Watson errors
would appear.

When I went back to the original RadiusNT v2.5 1.16
executable... the Dr. Watson errors are disappeared...
I can successfully do a radlogin now...? No Dr. Watson.

What is this RadiusNT v2.5 1.22 executable?

What does it fix?

Is RadiusNT v2.5 v1.16 all right to put into

A RadAdmin bug... if you go to the RadAdmin...
in ODBC mode... click on the Users tab... and
click Reload... a Runtime error will crash RadAdmin.

Also, why when I do a radius -x15 it says 13 clients
loaded? is that normal?

(We have hundreds of users in our Access database.)