Re: Multilink ISDN Logon Problem
Sat, 06 Jun 1998 17:56:54 -0500

One thing to note if you set the protocol to MPP inside the max you
can use DynStat to look at the ISDN line and see it's current
utilization. If set to PP it will not show up in the max under that

On Fri, 05 Jun 1998 15:12:57 -0700, you wrote:

>Josh Hillman wrote:
>> > From: Eric Cowperthwaite <>
>> > No, he should only have one user account. Set the
>> > Framed-Protocol to MPPP, which is Multilink PPP, then
>> > your user will be able to bind two channels under one
>> > login ID.
>> MP =3D Multilink Protocol
>> MPP =3D MP Plus (MP+) -- this is proprietary to Ascend (both ends of =
>> connection), but is backward compatible to MP
>I've never used anything but PPP in RadiusNT. I believe
>all of the others are basically being outdated. Both livingston and
>Ascend can do Multilink is the protocol is PPP. I'm not sure
>about Multi-Link plus, but I have done it with my P25 into a max
>with the RadiusNT protocol unchanged (just selected on the P25 side).