Re: static IP and AS5200 problem

Christian Simard ( )
Fri, 05 Jun 1998 16:02:04 -0400


thank you it works! Now I have another problem...

When I connect to my CISCO AS5200, I can specify any
IP address in the win 95 dialup networking and It will be accepted!!
this should never happen with dynamic assigned IP address!!!
I have not this problem with my old plain text Livingston radius

I use radiusnt 1.16 with ODBC (SQL Server)

thank you!

>RadiusNT uses the data column for string/IP address types and
>the value column for integer types. Your value column for
>User-Service is one, which is Login-User and what is actually
>sent below. You need to change that to 2 for a framed user,
>as listed in the dictionary:
>VALUE User-Service Login-User 1
>VALUE User-Service Framed-User 2